Bella Rose Labs was founded by a woman on a mission!

Meet our Founder & CEO  Audriana Castro...a driven young woman on a mission to get her CBD in the hands of those in NEED, she wants to educate and be a student of the people. A firm believer in "patients over profits."  She is a former Medical Marijuana dispensary owner from California.  A domestic violence survivor & single mother of two amazing little boys for whom she attributes all her motivation and determination.



"I recall the exact moment when my view on cannabis changed forever. It was 2pm on a sunny summer afternoon in the Inland Empire Valley, my delivery service had received an order for a patient, some concentrates and flower; a pretty "normal" request. After verifying his doctor recommendation and address, I sent a text message with our estimated ETA, per procedure. The gentleman replied quickly and Thanked me.


As I prepared the order, he kept calling and asking for updates prior to the given ETA. After about the 3rd call in 15 minutes, I started thinking to myself "Sheesh, this guy really can't wait to roll a joint!" as I snarled sarcastically in my head. It wasn't until I pulled into his driveway and he came out in a motorized scooter that I quickly ate my words and felt terrible for thinking that this man was just another stoner when in fact he desperately NEEDED this Medicinal Cannabis. When he reached out to grab the bag and give his donation, his hands were trembling uncontrollably. My heart sank, I didn't even want to accept his money. 

He quickly apologized for the obsessive calling and explained how much pain he was in and that he really just needed his meds. In that moment, on that day, I realized that not only is Cannabis a real gift on this earth, but it is also my personal mission and moral obligation to help educate the public and bless as many lives as I can with this magical plant"

This is why Bella Rose Labs was created. For you.


with all my love... 




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