"...and to think I used to lock people up for the VERY thing that ultimately, saved my life."

-words from our mission partner &


Patrick Lydon, 

 Retired NYPD Narcotics Detective

& 9-11 First Responder

turned Cannabis advocate


10% of our proceeds go RIGHT BACK to helping REAL AMERICAN HEROS, 

just like Patrick....

Police Patch

Bella Rose, the Official CBD Oil of Post 9-11 First Responders 

 On September 11th 2001, the whole nation stood shocked as tragedy struck our beloved New York City, when the twin towers collapsed. As millions ran away from the wreckage, thousands of brave NYPD, FDNY, EMT & MILITARY officials selflessly rushed right back in to the war zone in efforts to help rescue the men and women effected by the attack. They searched tirelessly day and night to save the people buried alive in the ruble. 

                Unfortunately, responders were breathing in the pulverized dust loaded with cement, asbestos, lead, glass fibers, dioxins and other chemicals which we are now seeing the Long-term health effects of. After learning that Partick's story is not an uncommon one & that 90% of all volunteers are now suffering from various types of Cancer, Chronic pain, Anxiety and even PTSD. The Bella Rose Team decided to bring awareness to this issue, by shedding light on it & helping as many Post 9-11 victims & Public Service officials as we can. These are REAL American Hero's! 

                 Bella Rose Labs will be taking 10% of the proceeds from every bottle sold and use it to supply local community service officials, ill post 9-11 first responders, NYPD, US Military, NY Firemen & EMT's with free bottles of our amazing CBD oil. Follow our blog to see updates every time a donation is made.

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