Why Bella Rose is being coined "The CBD Standout"

The Bella Rose Difference

The Problem with CBD Oils that are currently on the market and why you may not be feeling the effects of them:

            Bella Rose Labs is resolving a long-standing degradation problem that restricts over 90% of CBD that is administered orally from actually reaching the bloodstream and being effective therapeutically. Our company has distinctively pursued a science-based approach to create cannabinoid products that are highly bioavailable when consumed by mouth and thus can efficiently get into the bloodstream – for the first time. Its' technology allows consistent dosing and predictable therapeutic outcomes. When taken by mouth, cannabinoid entry into the body is erratic. As little as 4% of an oral dose reaches the bloodstream — too little to be reproducibly and therapeutically useful. Bella Rose is successfully addressing this critical issue by proprietarily making cannabinoids, particularly CBD, bioavailable at unprecedented high levels by employing novel and patent-protected** Particulate Technology™.

& How the Nano-shell **Particulate Technology works in the body...

Bella Rose Nano-Enhanced CBD Oil is the HOPE for a better tomorrow...

Best Evidence Supports the Non-Psychoative Cannabinoid CBD as the Key Agent for Therapeutic use.

More than 3000 scientific and medical works point to the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD as overwhelmingly important for better human health.

  • CBD has an incredibly desirable safety profile, no side effects of consequence known

  • The non-psychoactivity of CBD permits normal activities (work, school, sports, driving) and eliminates abuse liability.

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